Thursday, August 21, 2014


My sweet baby niece, Melanie will be turning one tomorrow and she'll have her birthday party on Saturday to celebrate. My sister asked me to make her a birthday banner and this is what I came up with. :)

I really didn't think this would take me so long to make but many many many hours later, it's all done. Just in time too. I have to get started on her ladybug cake pops. I'll post a picture of those tomorrow when their all done. :)

Please don't mind the sketch underneath. Lol. My sister was anxious to see the progress and I snapped a quick picture to show her. The little lady bugs are from my fave,  and the banner is a cut from the silhouette online store. The letters were all cut using my Pooh and friends cricut cartridge. 

How sweet are these little girls??? I love their facial expressions. 

I should have warned that this post would be picture loaded. Lol

It's really hard to tell with these pics but all the letters have glitter outlines using my stickles to make them pop and seem a little bit girlier. Maybe it's just me but the red and black color combo doesn't scream girly to me, but it is a lady bug theme so I must  stick to it. Lol 

Can't wait until Saturday, so I can 1st of all, give my little bug a boo a birthday present and to show off my banner at the party :)

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  1. very impressive banner... you are right.. it looks easy to make those banners but a lot of time and energy goes into completing it... your did a magnificent job with all the details.. I am sure it was a hit at the birthday party....